Are professionally installed Christmas lights better?

In short, marketing can lead you to believe that you are buying professional grade lights from your big box stores but in truth, the quality isn’t there. Here is a few things that distinguish professional lights:

  • LED
  • Sealed Unit Bulb
  • Average of 60,000+ hours of illumination
  • High Quality Parallel Wiring 
  • Customizable lengths

A professional installer takes pride in the custom designs for each client and will want to use only the best products.We thoroughly vet our vendors and we often work with vendors that do not sell to the public. What makes our products so special?

  • LED lights! The technology growth from incandescent to LED has been a game changer.  Not only do LED bulbs produce brighter lights they also are more cost effective, better for the environment, safer, and offer versatility for cord types and bulb sizes.  Incandescent bulbs have fewer lights per strand and can be difficult to replace if broken.
  • A sealed unit bulb may sound confusing. A piece of information most people don’t know is that mass produced retail products are actually two pieces. They use the same small LED in all bulbs with a dome added after the fact to give you the illusion of a C9 or C7 bulb. The bulbs professionals use are made with a single mold so the illumination is appropriate for the different bulb shapes and sizes  Another perk to a sealed unit is there will be no moisture or dust intrusion.This design gives our installations brighter, sharper, and more consistent illumination. 
  • With a heavier duty bulb and improvements in technology, the life span of the professional lights far exceeds the standard christmas light strand. Now for full transparency light strands could last 6 to 7 holiday seasons. This assumes a few things such as they are removed and stored properly in between holiday’s. Another factor is weather. The closer to the beach or the more intense the winter can also play a factor. All of these environments and common wear and tear may knock the 60,000 hours down but professionals still outlast the retail lights.
  • Parallel wiring offers a massive advantage where if one bulb fails the rest of the line STAYS LIT!!!  Retail lights are wired in series so when a light goes out, the circuit is broken, thus preventing other bulbs from receiving power. Professionally installed lights are installed in a parallel circuit, which supplies power to regardless if a bulb is out or not. With our installs, if you notice any issues with your lights, send us a picture, and we will handle it! Our wiring is also 100% copper with no aluminum metals making our line more conductive and efficient. 
  • Lastly when you bring in professionals with access to quality materials you get customizable designs.Lights from big box stores cannot be modified, so what inevitably happens are lights that are awkwardly installed, namely the lights come up short or there is a ton extra that needs to be hidden somehow. With professionally installed lights, the lighting distribution is consistent and specific to your home, no coming up short, and no need to hide the extra.

We could go on and ramble more, but when you are shopping keep these five things in mind.  Buy smart for your needs and happy holidays!

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