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Maintenance / Warranty EVCAdmin2 February 21, 2024
Maintain And Protect Your Home's Lighting System

All of our lighting options are chosen and designed to last for many years to come. To protect your investment and keep your lights looking their best, we have a full coverage warranty included in our systems whenever you sign up for our maintenance plan. At no additional cost to the plan, maintenance includes:

  1. Free bulb replacement
  2. Free fixture relocation and adjustment
  3. Free fixture cleaning
  4. Free wire re-burial
  5. Free transformer timer replacement and adjustment
  6. Free transformer replacement

The outdoors can be a tough environment to predict, having a maintenance plan in place will make sure that your lights look their best no matter what. Our maintenance plan is especially helpful for ground mounted fixtures near trees or other foliage with roots that can wreak havoc on wiring. We offer this maintenance program on all of our offerings:

  • Landscape Lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Up Lighting
  • Hardscape Lighting
  • Bistro Lighting
  • Tree lighting (required)

Maintenance plans vary in cost depending on size and complexity of lighting and we often include a 2 year free maintenance plan to get you started. For full details, please contact us.

Professional Landscaping for Residential Commercial Towns Neighborhoods

From highlighting the textures and colors of your hardscape materials, to creating a warm and inviting ambiance, we offer a wide range of lighting options to suit any need or preference. Our team of skilled designers will work with you to create a customized plan that perfectly captures the mood and atmosphere of your outdoor hardscape spaces.

  • High Quality Light Fixtures
  • Expansive Lighting Option Choices
  • Customized Plan
  • Professional Install Team
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The Next Step Is To Reach Out

Whether you’re looking to enhance your outdoor living spaces, create a stunning focal point, or simply increase the safety and security of your outdoor areas, we have the expertise and equipment to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and transform your outdoor hardscape spaces with expert lighting designs.